They think it's all over - it is now!

Race 5 Podium

Max O'Shaughnessy
Keith Jarvis (BA)
Shane Franklin (easyJet)

Round 5 equalled the largest ever grid of 30 karts and made Turn 1 an intersting experience for all!

The extreme turnout meant that very few drivers improved their 'best 3' events, except Keith, who jumped Mike to snatch second place in the Driver's Championship.

Dropped Scores

In the Airline Championship, all airlines dropped Round 5 from their best 3 events, so the final places stayed the same as before - BA from easyJet, fractionally ahead of Friends.

This year we are employing a 'Best 3' system, so only each driver's and airline's best three events count.

2016 Championship Tables

Calendar for 2017

New York

Abu Dhabi




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Payment options

Pay the circuit on the day, if there's an available drive.

Bank Transfer payment into Mike's Holiday Fund and join the 'Paid' list with a guaranteed drive. Contact Us for the account details.

Contact Us for a postal address to send us your cheque, allowing 10 days for postage and for it to clear.


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Event 1 - TBA

2016 Prices

Race Fees - ProKart £65

2016 Season Membership - £5

Non-Member Supplement per race - £3

Pay-on-the-day Supplement per race - £3 (members and non members)

Bring a friend along

There's more to an Airline Karting meeting than just driving.

Almost all the circuit can be seen from the decking in front of the clubhouse, and spectators can walk down the side of the circuit for a better view of the infamous Turn 1.

The Clubhouse sells a range of snacks and hot and cold drinks, and don't forget the traditional 'Pie & Pint' after the race at the Wheatsheaf Pub overlooking Esher Green.

Daytona Sandown Park

900m outdoor circuit. New twin-engined Pro-Karts. 25+ pumped-up drivers formed up on the grid. The lights go out...

Alternate Circuit Map


The series caters for airline employees based in the south of England, however, we welcome drivers with no connection to the airlines - as long as you don't complain if the talk in the pub afterwards turns to aviation!

It may seem from this website that we take this all very seriously. Well, some do...

But the main aim is to provide full grids and plenty of action to like-minded petrol-heads who want to have some fun.

The chronically keen karters will be shooting for the Championship in which your best 3 scores from the 5 events will count, but many casual karters will only attend one or two races in the year.

If you would like to be penciled in for an event, or just kept informed of future race information, please click on the Contact Us button on the left.

If you know you can make it, we suggest you Pay-4-A-Drive using the links on the left. Most events were a sell out last year!